Chainsaws, Forks, Tulips – A Beginner’s Guide to Gardening

Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies homeowners can have. Not only do you benefit from watching your delightful garden grow but it’s a good form of exercise too, as activities such as digging or mowing the lawn can utilise various muscle groups.

So, what are the essential qualities for being a successful gardener? Let’s look.

  • Patience and determination. Growing various plants in your garden takes time and perseverance. Not everything you plant will grow as you would want it. Be prepared for a few failures but learn from them.
  • Be physically fit enough to carry out your gardening duties. Only undertake tasks you feel capable of doing.
  • Talk to other gardeners about gardening to exchanges tips and ideas. This will save you time and money.
  • Read gardening related books and magazines and watch TV programmes on the subject. In the UK, BBC’s Gardener’s World is a weekly broadcast you can watch.
  • Buy some good quality gardening tools, such as forks, hoes, spades and if you need them, powered tools such as petrol powered chainsaws, hedge trimmers etc.

There are so many possibilities to pursue with gardening if you are prepared to give it the time and enthusiasm it requires. You can choose to grow certain varieties of plants, such as orchids, daffodils, tulips etc. – there is so much variety in the plant world, you are really spoilt for choice. Whatever you decide to grow, you must dedicate yourself to learn the ins and outs of growing that variety to achieve the very best results possible.

As you become more accomplished at growing plant varieties, next comes where to position them in your garden. Here you need to consider heights, colours and textures so that plant varieties will complement each other when planted side by side. Attending garden open days or horticulture shows will help give you some ideas here.

keeping up with your gardening duties shouldn’t be a chore. Dedicating one day a week to your garden will go a long way to keeping on top of things. Whether it be pruning, mowing or planting new seeds, devoting a day to your garden will reap rewards. If you have friends, family or children who are also passionate about gardening then get them involved too. Many hands make light work!

Keeping your gardening tools maintained and clean will prolong their life and should last for many years to come. Gardening tools are expensive, so you do want to look after them. However, here’s a tip to get some gardening tools for cheap – visit local car boot sales. There’s almost always at least one stall selling surplus gardening tools and equipment, often for very little money.

That’s it for now, we hope you liked this article about gardening and hope you will get as much from this wonderful hobby as we have done.


New Beginnings

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